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Survivor's Testimony

Haorokcham (o) Meiteileima

Haorokcham (o) Meiteileima lost her husband Haorokpam  Somendra Singh a farmer by profession on 15th July 2008 in an encounter by unidentified gunmen. She narrated that her husband left home on 15 July 2008 to buy fertilizer for their paddy field and also to purchase clothes for her father’s Asthi which is performed on the 6th day of his death. Since he did not return home, I tried to contact  him on his mobile but there was no answer. We tried to search him at all possible places but could not find. It was only on 18 July that we saw in the newspaper and came to know of his death. It was mentioned that he died in an encounter at Samurou area.

Went they found his body in the morgue, his body could not be identified as he was brutally tortured and killed. We did not take his body as we wanted justice. “Till today when I recall the incident, I wish to avenge the culprits as my husband was an innocent person who lived a very simple life. Even if he was guilty of something, they should have kept him in jail, killing him is a very harsh punishment”.


Meiteileima has two daughters to take care of. She has opened a small shop near her house to generate her income.

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