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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dear AMBA,

We are writing this open letter following news item that was published this morning in Sangai Express dated 30 May 2017 http://e-pao.net/GP.asp?src=2..300517.may17

Many of us seeking for justice for thousands of victim families past 10 years in Manipur are very glad & intrigued at same time that AMBA is on the case even to extend of having multiple press conferences in Manipur & Delhi. Our team has also worked with a few handful of committed lawyers of the state on issues of gender based violence, rape, human rights issues etc.

However, some of the accusations AMBA have labelled in Irom Rozer case are wrong. It is wrong of AMBA to say that Supreme Court Advocate Utsav Singh representing victim's family lied. He has issued solid proofs in public regarding the refusal by several lawyers in Manipur to help victim family file petition. These proof are ready for submission to Courts. Lawyer & victim's family could release the names of lawyers but that will be done only in courts of law and not otherwise otherwise the publication of the names will cause huge embarrassment again & be a threat to their lives again and it will not help matters

The matter is sub-judice in Supreme Court of India and yesterday 29 May 2017 the Supreme Court has issued an order asking Central and State Government to provide protection to victim family & other petitioners. Rather than AMBA trying to put down the genuine efforts of brave & committed lawyer who is trying to help a family, it could have been good if AMBA could come out and see we will help file the appeal on behalf of victim family. Many citizens in Manipur are tired as many have no access to justice. What we have in Manipur are so called "Mob Justice", Kangaroo Courts, JACs ( Joint Action Committees), "Justice" by armed gun men ? How many victim's families have sold off their homes, lands to fight cases? How many of them have paid JACs ? Where is real courts of law functioning to instill faith in citizens that justice can be done ? Is justice only for rich and corrupt people ? For those who can pay /

The word "pendency" legally we were told means the state or time of cases being pending, undecided, or undetermined, as of a lawsuit awaiting settlement. I am sure AMBA is aware that in the whole of India, our home state Manipur has a shameful pendency rate of 97.9%. That means 97.9 % cases never get resolved. Will AMBA answer why in Manipur hardly any case gets resolved? We request All Manipur Bar Association to remain neutral and help support cases in state. This is need of the hour. Long Live Manipur ! Long Live People's Fight for Peace and Justice and Good Governance with Ethics. We will continue to maintain Citizen's Vigil for Building a Stronger, Better, Ethical Manipur.

P. S : For public knowledge, one of so called AMBA lawyers who leading in addressing so called press conferences past few days once tried to contest elections and could not make it. So what can we infer from this as concerned citizens ? Are they lawyers or are they politicians-in-the-making ? However please keep two separate as this is cause of all muddling up of situation in Manipur. We can only continue our CITIZEN'S VIGIL and stand by truth and justice for people of Manipur and Northeast region.

Sincerely, Binalakshmi Nepram & other concerned public

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